Hello! I post 99.99% all things hetalia-related here. I have a step-by-step guide on how to ask pixiv artists permission to post their art on tumblr over there just below the tag page. I'm in the process of going through my 15,000+ posts to delete any art I've posted without the artist's permission, so please bare with me. And if you see any of the pixiv art I've posted that doesn't have the 'permission given by the artist' caption, please do not reblog it. Thanks and have a wonderful hetalia life!
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Pixiv ID: 34443487
Member: 三浦

permission to post was given by the artist!


permission to post was given by the artist!


Pixiv ID: 33663612
Member: ザラメ座

permission to post was given by the artist!


Pixiv ID: 33192172
Member: ぷらすえー

permission to post was given by the artist!


Pixiv ID: 32489509
Member: らん

permission to post was given by the artist!

What does "APH" mean? Im just curious..

It stands for Axis Powers Hetalia. This was the original name of the first series of Hetalia ^^


I dunno.

Stress art? I really don’t know what to call this.


I have chosen to title this;


That is all.


【ヘタリア腐】夏コミ新刊サンプル by ミズキ

※permission to upload was given by the artist.※


i’m horrendous at drawing both of them and i’ve been watching let’s plays all day so here’s a sad excuse for na bros playing video games


a billion years ago aphlud requested whale bros bonding over how embarrassing everyone else in the world is

» APH Nation’s Physical Age From Youngest To Oldest


per request of littlemissmontresor, we’ve compiled a list of all of the canon ages of APH nations from youngest to oldest. Remember, these are only the canon ages, so many characters will be left out.

  • Sealand (12)
  • Latvia (15)
  • South Korea (15-16)
  • Iceland (16-17)
  • Estonia (17)
  • Switzerland (18)
  • Lithuania (19)
  • Poland (19)
  • America (19)
  • Belarus (19)
  • Italy (20)
  • Germany (20)
  • Finland (20)
  • Prussia (20+)
  • Hungary (20+)
  • Sweden (21)
  • Romano (22-23)
  • England (23)
  • Spain (25)
  • France (26)
  • Greece (27)


christmas shopping



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